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Work with Alexandra

This is your homecoming. It starts with us. By committing to ourselves and showing up, I know we can have it all.I work holistically with mind, body, heart and spirit. I bring three decades of ever-deepening expertise in different therapeutic modalities such as Voice Dialogue, Psychology of Vision, Inner Child work, feminine archetypes, heart intelligence, shamanism and spiritual healing.

I work one-to-one, with couples and in groups. 

Much of the work I do with clients involves helping people embrace their giftedness, sexuality, innocence, leading to more self-love and freedom. I support couples to turn around hurtful bonding patterns and find a way through the stages of their relationship, embodying more love and joy.

Full Moon

Are you ready to take the next step? 

1:1 Coaching

Free initial 20 minute consultation

£140 per 90 minute session (Zoom call)

£175 per 90 minute session (In person)

Bundle of X6 90 minutes sessions X1 free

1:1 Coaching

Couples coaching 

Blurry Shadows

Free initial 20 minute consultation 

£180 2 hour session (Zoom call)

£220 2 hour session (In person)

Bundle of X6 2 hour sessions (10% off)

Women's Groups

This gathering of women is designed to transform negative beliefs, heal low self-worth and release emotional wounding to return to who we truly are. We are free, powerful, and in our feminine heart.

£200 X8 once-weekly sessions (2 months) 

W Groups
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