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Alexandra Blaker


Welcome home

Return to love and joy

Remove obstacles and move from darkness to light. Alexandra's work is all about the return to oneness. Through healing low self-worth, sensuality, practising embodiment and heart-opening, she works to balance the energetic systems of the body, mind, heart and spirit.


Alexandra enquires into the mind for practical solutions, such as changing our limiting stories. As a tantric practitioner, she will help you to release all blocks that are in the way to embodying freedom of sensuality. 

Alexandra is a skilled Sound Healer, Kundalini yoga teacher, Interfaith Minister and Psychology of Vision master, along with many other trained titles and professions.


Work with Alexandra to open the gateway to freedom.

Gradient Ocean

"I’ve worked with dearest Alexandra for 5 years now and she has enlightened my life and brought strength and love through her work, her humanity, and her passion and belief in female empowerment."

- Maryam

Work with me

Alexandra offers workshops, retreats and 1:1 and couples coaching to facilitate the return to joy and love. Alexandra has a myriad of colours on her artists' palette for permission to open your heart, healing sexuality and energetic expansion.  


Women's Gatherings

Alexandra hosts groups for women who are looking for sisterhood to own their power and embody their feminine energy. Subscribe to the Newsletter to stay updated about upcoming groups.

Individual & group coaching


I work holistically with mind, body, heart, and spirit, bringing three decades expertise using different therapeutic modalities, such as voice dialogue, Psychology of Vision, inner-child work, feminine archetypal work, shamanic and spiritual healing.

I work 1:1, with couples, and with groups to bring meaning and joy back to peoples' lives. This may be working with abuse, trauma, self worth or addiction, or healing separation and bonding patterns.


Choose to open your heart to a greater depth of feeling. As we release negativity we allow joy to come in.



Thank you for joining me!

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