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Alexandra Blaker


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A Cry from my Soul

My childhood home was Hong Kong.   Born in the far east to a French mother and a British taipan who loved Hong Kong.  Oh, the Far East.  The Buddhist temples were mysterious and the smell of incense and the Dragons and gold were my first experiences of the mysteries of life.  The gardens, the flowers, the beaches, the islands, the snakes - the exotic.  Hordes of cats and dogs and butterflies was my universe; my connection to enchantment, to a delightful world. 

At 5, 7, and 9 years of age, traumas set in.  Then, eight years ensued of a convent in the UK, on the other side of my warm world.  It was cold, draughty, run by Catholicism and nuns. There were no feminine role models in my life; no one to mirror me as a girl, as a woman.  An absence of nurturing.  The femininity was eroding in being stripped from me.  Instead, more trauma and shame was piling on.  My connection to myself and my essence became more sporadic.  A distant memory of oneness.   Where was the Goddess, the Divine Feminine?


The material world was taking over.  The separations and lost bonding were becoming more stark and painful.  My wilful, rebellious nature was taking root, and after the family was finally shattered when I was 17, the greatest refuge for me was drink, drugs, and men.  I was seeking anything to alter the way I felt: loneliness and unworthiness.  I wanted to mask and numb the harsh realities of an insane home, and my world. 

I then lived 13 more years of a crazy, dramatic, party-soaked life:  panic attacks, adventure, relationships. There were bits and pieces that resembled an adult life, but it was really a sabotaged purpose that I was living.  A spinning life that held little meaning.  When I became pregnant with little Jack in my belly, I began to see glimmers of something different.  After my son’s first birthday, on a low and desperate day – that this word came through me: “Help!”  I can only describe it as a cry from my soul.

At the age of 30, I finally surrendered to recovery, to myself.  I studied sacred paths and did masses of inner healing – inner reclamation. 

I learnt from many psychologists and spiritual teachers worldwide.  The mysticism of many faiths.  I eventually trained as an Interfaith minister and became a facilitator/coach of heart, mind and spirit.  Bit by bit, I took back my lost power.  The more I walked this path, the more happiness and love permeated my life. 

My life today is suffused with love, joy, and radiance.  I know, first-hand, that everything begins with surrender, acceptance, embracing and committing to myself, to love, to truth, to embodying light.  Everything begins with taking the one, next step.

My invitation to for you is to do the same.

Gradient Ocean

"I’ve worked with dearest Alexandra for 5 years now and she has enlightened my life and brought strength and love through her work, her humanity , her passion and belief in female empowerment."

- Maryam

I have been joining Alexandra's online group therapy for 3 months and it has become an absolute bedrock for me. She is generous with her time and is enormously kind, wise and uplifting. She goes the extra mile and will contact us outside of the sessions for one to one support if she feels we need it. The environment she creates is safe and supportive allows connections to be made, not just with Alex, but with the other members of our group. She uses a multitude of techniques to guide us through the sessions that are unique to Alex and her practice. Working with Alex has been both life affirming and strengthening. I would highly recommend her coaching and guidance.’

- Sophie 

Work with me

Alexandra offers workshops, retreats and 1:1 and couples coaching to facilitate the return to joy and love. Alexandra has a myriad of colours on her artists' palette for permission to open your heart, healing sexuality and energetic expansion.  


Women's Groups

Alexandra hosts groups for women who are looking for sisterhood; to own their power and embody their feminine energy. 

Individual & group coaching


I work holistically with mind, body, heart, and spirit.  I bring three decades expertise using different therapeutic modalities, such as voice dialogue, Psychologity of Vision, inner-child work, feminine archetypal work, shamanic and spiritual healing.

I work 1:1, with couples, and with groups to bring meaning and joy back to peoples' lives. This may be working with abuse, trauma, self worth or addiction, or healing separation and bonding patterns.


Choose to open your heart to a greater depth of feeling. As we release negativity we allow joy to come in.



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